Bain Riche Dermo Calm Shampoo (250 ml)

Bain Riche Dermo Calm Shampoo (250 ml)

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Soothing hypoallergenic shampoo for a sensitive scalp and dry hair.

Product Description :

Hypoallergenic creamy shampoo for a sensitive, dry and dehydrated scalp. Active anti-fungal agents purify the scalp while anti-bacterial agents leave it moisturised, soothed, and nourished. The scalp feels relaxed and the hair is supple and soft to the touch.

Product Ingredients :

Calophyllum Inophyllum Seed Oil: More commonly known as Tamanu Oil, calms scalp irritations with anti-inflammatory properties.

Piroctone Olamine: Has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that make it ideal for controlling the root cause of dandruff.

Glycerin: A great humectant, helping your hair to attract and retain moisture.

Menthol: Gentle cooling and scalp-stimulating effects.

    Product Benefits :

    1. Hypoallergenic.
    2. Cleanses and soothes the scalp.
    3. Reduces scalp itchiness.
    4. Gives hair a light, airy feel.
    5. Silicone free.

    Product Disclaimer :