Absolut Repair Molecular Rinse Off Serum  (250 ml)

Absolut Repair Molecular Rinse Off Serum (250 ml)

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Product Description :

Restore elasticity and movement* with Absolut Repair Serum. The rinse off serum penetrates hair fiber to restore lost strength at a molecular level. The Absolut Repair Serum gets absorbed by hair fiber to reverse damage. Rebuild and repair even highly damaged, colour-treated, or lightened hair.

Product Ingredients :

The Absolut Repair Serum promises a gateway to stronger, smoother hair. With 2% peptides bonder and 5 amino acids, the repairing rinse off serum adds strength to your hair at a molecular level. The unique formula brings back your hair’s original strength, elasticity, and movement.

Product Benefits :

 Penetrates deep into your hair fiber to reverse the damage.
● Contains 2% peptides bonder along with 5 amino acids to make your hair smoother.
● Instantly transforms your hair at home, leaving it visibly shiny and improved.
● Rebuilds severely damaged hair that may be colour treated, lightened, or has an impaired texture.

Product Disclaimer :


How To Use :

Start by washing your hair with the Absolut Repair Molecular Shampoo. Now, part your dampen hair into different sections.

2. Take nearly 2-3 pumps of the rinse-off serum, as per your hair length, and distribute it evenly on all sections from lengths to ends.

3. Run your hands through the rinse-off serum in your hair for 1-2 minutes.

4. Rinse it away thoroughly and follow it with the Absolut Repair Molecular leave-in mask for best results.