Pro Longer Lengths Renewing shampoo (300 ml)

Pro Longer Lengths Renewing shampoo (300 ml)

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For long hair with thinned ends.

Product Description :

Pro Longer shampoo for long hair helps to thicken your long hair whilst making it visibly healthier and stronger looking.​The Filler A-100 technology used is patented to L'Oréal Professionnel, and it works by penetrating the fiber core to plump and thicken the hair from the inside. Amino acids in the formula work to strengthen the hair from the outside. The formula works on thin ends, or areas where help is most needed.

Product Ingredients :

Filler-A100 and amino acid

Product Benefits :

  1. Gently cleanses hair.
  2. Renew lengths.
  3. Fill-in ends.
  4. Leaves your hair shiny.​

Product Disclaimer :


How To Use :

Apply evenly on wet hair. Lather. Rinse thoroughly.