Clari Moist Face Cream (50 g)

Clari Moist Face Cream (50 g)

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FACE CREAM for Oily Skin.

Product Description :

ClariMoist moisturizing cream for the face is a unique sebum-regulating moisturizer for oily and combination skin that minimizes the appearance of shine and gives a matte finish to the complexion. It’s a lipid moisturizer for oily skin that nourishes it with moisture and does not strip it of its vital nutrients.

Product Ingredients :

Hyaluronic Acid, Saw Palmetto, Sesame and Argan Oil, Cinnamon Bark Extract, Ginger root extract, Silica Shells, Ceramides, Potassium Azelolyl Diglycinate, Encapsulated Tea Tree oil.

Product Benefits :

A Unique Sebum controlling moisturiser enriched with actives that are known to minimize the appearance of shine. Meant for oily skin without acne. Gives skin a matte finish.

How To Use :

Use twice a day after cleansing & toning your skin.